Medical Transcription Dictation Tips

Published: 04th April 2011
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Medical transcription is an exceptional career where many professionals & fresher are looking over. We need schooling to undergo medical transcription, but isn't that much easy unless you attend the right online training course. Dedicate yourself as a medical transcriptionist so that you have a chance to work from home. Working from home in any profession creates a lesser amount of strain, but that isn't the merely reason why medical transcription is such admired choice for a suitable career.

An individual who’s specialized in medical transcription work types the medical report. The actual medical report is dictated into a recorder by the doctor. The dictation is then downloaded onto the computer into a file. The files are relocated to the medical transcriptionist, and that is where the job begins.

Everybody wants things to go quicker and smoother and these five dictation tips will really help in reaching your goal. You don’t need to spend hours for dictating a medical document just so you can get back half a page in print! So, following these dictation tips will really help you make your life easier.

1.Learn about your tools. This is a great dictation tip, read your manual before trying to record. Everything will go a lot smoother if you know what you’re doing!

2.Prepare papers or documents. Doing this before you start your dictation will save a lot of time and shuffling around during the dictation session.

3.Speak at the correct distance from the mic. This will help you avoid distortion and messed up sound which may cause you to have to re-record sections.

4.Choose a quiet area to dictate. This is important, since a noisy area will not only be distracting for you, but can cause the transcriptionist to have difficulty making out your words.

5.Listen to your own dictation. Note if you need to speak louder or softer or any other changes you can make. Do this with the first bit of dictation so you can continue properly from the beginning.

When you get a recording from a doctor whom is tough to understand, take a deep breath, slow down and keep at it. Rise from your chair and walk down for other work so that your mind will be cleared. No matter what, always try your best and have persistence because with experience, it gets a lot easier. If you glued with it, you will get success.

Your practice can help you really progress the accurate of your medical dictation skills. Good quality medical dictation will reduce your time and increase your income, where as poor dictation devours time and labor, mounting overall documentation overheads. Finally, quality dictation can even aid you lawfully: fewer transcription mistakes caused by poor dictation associate to fewer errors in patient care.

Medical Transcription E-learning

Medical transcription has undergone many evolution phases and is a rather dynamic industry with new research and additions going on each day. This industry advanced right from manual typewriters to electronic document writers to speed up the processing speed. At present Voice Recognition System or VRS is the recent evolution in the medical transcription industry.

VRS is used by medical transcriptionists and proof-readers providing additional editorial services. There are certain cases where the VRS has completely replaced medical transcription. Earlier, medical transcription (MT) consisted of handwritten notes with lots of abbreviations and responsibilities on the physician. These notes and analysis were then supplemented in patient’s file for reference.

The handwritten notes and typed notes are all consolidated and kept in a file along with the records of other patients for future reference. Whenever, a physician required the record of a specific patient, the patient’s file is retrieved from the huge mass of files. To enhance this process, usually two or three carbon copies of same medical record are kept in a single file.

But now things have completely changed. Large files have given way to desktop computers that are connected with powerful servers. A patient’s record is processed and archived individually in these servers. The unique digital format allows instant access to these servers even from the remote location. Medical transcriptionists now work closely with the programmers to stream in voice and get continuous data through network interfaces.

In fact, healthcare providers now make use of personal data assistants (PDA) and other software’s for their service. The Computer Aided Medical Transcription (CAMT) is software that is exclusively considered for medical transcription industry. The CAMT has several benefits that are attributing to its popularity. Following are some of them:

Changing Medical Dictation to Text: The CAMT software change spoken words to texts. This software was especially developed for medical transcription.

An Efficient Interface for Medical Transcriptionists: Using these software’s you can easily increase your editing speed. In these software’s, editing is done as fast as keyboard stokes and shortcuts.

Interpreting and Formatting Document: CAMT perfectly understands what a physician intends to mean and transcribe accordingly. For example, the software understands when the word “next” refers to '3’ in the list and when the physician uses it to mean the next section.

Every year the healthcare providers spend thousands of dollars for the increased charges of the MT industry. Further, there also had been a dearth in the number of efficient medical transcriptionist. The advent of the CAMT helped the service providers in saving few dollars that they would otherwise spent for the MT industry.

The development of CAMT has revolutionized medical transcription industry. It can now deliver high quality work within turn around time (TAT). The software is simple and easy to use. This software has brought this industry at the edge of a huge change and it’s also time for us to change our concept of medical transcription.

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